Tower Power Loog

A cute, adventure flick'em up, for iOS and Android!

Tower Power is a super-friendly FLICK'EM up, (which means, a shooter via-flicking), set in the world of BunnyStarLand.

The game is currently in BETA.

Welcome to the super kawaii world of Bunny Star Land.

Your friends have been captured by the crazy foul birds >_< You must clear the sky!

Get on top of your tower and rescue your friends!  

You can shoot balls, rocks, stars, bubbles, fire and even black holes! Defeat your enemies, build the tower to incredible heights and unite your tribe achieveing the highest score.


The Wise Genie will reward you with magical jars full of prizes everytime you play: discover Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary critters!!


Recover stolen gems to unlock new characters and keep building the tower. You can even fuse them to create your own Rare critters with the Fusion Cauldron!

Enjoy an engaging flick ‘em up with cute visuals, intuitive controls and awesome sound and music.

A unique action experience, mixing character collection and swipe action mechanics in a brick breaker type of game.

It’s a wonderful mashup of the elements we already know and love from casual mobile games, bringing the player a fun filled and slightly nostalgic game experience.
— Touch Arcade



✧ 16 different characters to discover and join your party.

✧ Different enemy waves to fight, each with its own unique patterns.

✧ Procedurally generated levels - Each run is different!

✧ Very intuitive mechanics. Swipe to shoot - Tap to build the tower.

✧ Use the fusion cauldron! Mix repeated critters to unlock and discover new ones.

✧ Gorgeus music and addicting sound effects!

✧ Arcade mechanics - Enjoy in short or long gameplay bursts.

✧ Open magic jars full of rewards!

✧ Seriously, the bunnies are so cute.

✧ Arrange your team according to your strategy.

Join an animated world full of wonder and emerge victorious!



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