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  • The main responsible for the digital presence of the Company and its Projects, and the overall digital strategy of the Company, with the objective of maintaining and reinforcing the Company’s image and creating a constant flow of organic users to all Company Projects.

  • Handling of all social media accounts (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube Channel, etc.)

  • Handling of all digital stores’ presence (Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Playstation/Nintendo/Consoles/Steam Stores, etc.)

  • Handling of website (Squarespace, MediaTemple,

  • Community managing of all stores and social media accounts.

  • Mailing (Mailchimp, etc.)

  • Creation (written and visual) of social media posts.

  • Accompanies projects since inception, creating a digital strategy building up a social presence.

  • Responds to executive producers.

  • Works alongside game designers, game producers and executive producers

  • Handles press relations (blogs, youtubers, media)

  • Handles the creation of press kits

  • Be mindful of times, schedules, and production budgets.

  • Be on time. Leave on time.

  • Community management of our Discords / Reddits / etc.


  • Good leadership skills

  • Excellent oral and written English and Spanish.

  • The use of social media + tools for analytics and posting media online.

  • Good teacher skills, be able to learn new skills and pass them on to his/her team.

  • Very good editorial skills (written text).

  • Minimal visual capacity to create posts on social media, mailings, etc


  • Adobe Suite full, mostly Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Social Media Analytics / Management Tools

  • Google Analytics