Conquer Time-Travel in this One-Tap Casual Shooter for Mobile!

Game over? Not really. Floyd’s Sticker Jam is the first game in which dying is actually a good thing; a casual shoot-em up where you get to replay each level with your past-self, making yourself more and more powerful every time! Death is a Strategy... a  1 player co-op, sort of thing. More replays means more bullets, and in a shoot-em-up, more bullets, is kind of a good thing. In this game,*you* are the Bullet Hell.

Playing is easy. You can play with just one hand, using one finger. It's great for newcomers to the genre, and also awesome for seasoned pro players, featuring great score mechanics, epic bosses and your classic shoot-em-up arcade score multipliers.


  1.  One-tap, very easy intuitive controls.
  2.  Easy for beginners. Challenging for pros.
  3.  Procedural levels! Never the same level twice!
  4.  Instant replay feature let’s you relive the mayhem and share with friends!
  5.  Compete against friends via facebook sign-in!
  6.  Lots of unlockable Floyd’s (each character has a new skill and weapon).
  7.  Epic boss fights!
  8.  Lots of enemies and content to keep you shooting for hours at a time!
  9. Free to play! 

Feel the Power of Floyd.

Coming 2017. 

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